Inspiring Cotswold Photography

You’ve finished work for the weekend or have some holiday time off, time all to yourself to do with whatever you please, what would you choose to do? We know what we’d favour, going on a walk of course! We’ve compiled some spectacular Cotswold photography, which can be seen in the flesh on certain walking trails. Hope this inspires to you plan your next walk or chat to us about some fabulous walking tours or holidays.

This is an image taken during The Cotswold Way which offers around 100 miles of beautiful walking from Bath to Chipping Camden, with views like this from the Cotswold escarpment, and trails through picturesque villages and past ancient sites. The picture really does justice to the serenity that can be felt up there. Besides being popular with walkers, the Cotswold Way is home to the Cotswold Way Relay, a race run annually from north to south, usually in late June or early July.


Broadway Tower is a real example of great English heritage in an inspiring location. From the tower you can see a 62 mile radius and as many as 16 Counties, it is something quite special. A nice walk in this area leads you through the beautiful Cotswold village of Broadway, along historic tracks and up to the magnificent Broadway Tower, the views are certainly a reward for your hard work and a place for some great Cotswold photography.


Lineover Wood is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and has plenty to keep the nature enthusiast happy. Take a walk among the variety of oak, ash, sycamore and silver birch trees, plus magnificent ancient beech trees, one of which is thought to be the third largest beech in England. There is something magical about walking through a forest, the flashes of sunlight through the branches and the leaves underfoot, I always felt it quite an adventure as a child and don’t think that feeling ever left. Watch out for the array of weird and wonderful fungi, over 500 species have been recorded here including the yellow lemon disco and white angel’s bonnet.


This stunning picture encapsulates the River Windrush in Burford. Walkers who find themselves here will be greeted by breath taking rolling hills, wild meadows and gorgeous quaint villages, plus the best Costwolds pubs. The name Burford is actually a combination of two ancient words, ‘burh’ meaning defended town and ‘ford’ meaning river crossing, which shows the significance of the River Windrush in this superb part of the Costwolds.

We’re feeling thoroughly inspired to get out there and we might even pack our camera and snap some Cotswold photography, hope you feel the same way!