Spring Is Here In The Cotswolds!

by | Oct 3, 2023 | Blog, Spring

As Spring continues to march forwards in The Cotswolds, the landscape is blooming as it always does this time of year. The air is alive with birdsong and the plants are starting to turn green from their long slumber during Winter.

This year in The Cotswolds, Spring is taking a little longer to get going thanks to some spells of cold weather, with even an unexpected blanket of snow earlier this month.

Snow On The Mountains With Blue Skies
Sheep Eating Grass With Buildings In The background

It is always a glorious time to be in the area, albeit with often some changeable weather but it is a joy to see the beauty of the area awaken. Lambing season has been going for a while now and the fields are filling up with Sheep and their lambs which are such a classic Cotswold scene.

Sounds of the Cuckoo are another sure sign that we are well and truly into Spring, along with many other birds that have sprung into action building nests. Another lovely and classically British scene is that of Daffodils swaying in the wind or of Bluebells in woodland, creating blue carpets of flowers and a lovely scent that fills the air.

Bluebells In A Field With Trees