Rainy Days With Kids In The Cotswold’s

by | Oct 2, 2023 | Blog, Family

We all love it when the weather is good and we can get outside with our kids, it opens up so many more doors and opportunities for having fun and exploring, but what can we do when those rainy days set in and getting outside just means getting completely drowned and having a miserable time? I’m not talking about a bit of drizzle or light rain, we can all ignore that and carry on with our plans, it’s those really, really, wet, slanty rain-type days where not even the kids want to venture out that are the problem   We look here at some nice rainy day options in the Cotswolds.


We The Curious, Bristol

Ok so this option doesn’t come without a decent price tag so if you are looking for a cheaper option then perhaps don’t come here, but if you don’t mind spending a little then this is a totally brilliant day out for the whole family. This interactive science museum that gets us asking questions and encourages our curiosity about the world that we live in is so much fun. The kids can touch and play with things so you won’t be on high alert for the whole day, there are various different types of exhibit spaces, planetarium shows, science shows, theme days, and workshops so that your little ones will be kept busy and more important interested all day long. We The Curious is situated at the harbor side in Bristol so you’ll need to find somewhere to park which can also be costly but we promise that you’ll love it. There is a cafe there so you can grab lunch too.


Swindon Oasis

From the outside Swindon Oasis may look a little run down and may not have much allure, but honestly, your children will love it. With a wave machine, two big slides, a smaller pool with a pirate ship, water canons, and small slides for the little ones, it’s a great rainy-day place to visit. There are mixed, family changing rooms to make things easier and if you can pick a weekday it is usually not overrun with people. They have a revamped cafe which is a great space and has some good food for a leisure centre and looks out onto the pool.


STEAM, Swindon

This place is absolutely perfect for a rainy day if you have a little train enthusiast. The museum itself isn’t so big that you’ll all get bored and is home to many steam trains that your mini train spotter will love getting up close and personal with. There are things for the kids to do like train puzzles, colouring in, mini wooden railway tracks, and a working model railway at the end. There is also a little cafe upstairs which has a nice selection of food and drinks Plus it’s right next to the Swindon Outlet Village which has shops and cafes/restaurants galore if you need a bit of adult time too! Within the outlet village you’ll also find another huge stream train on display, a Hornby shop to mooch around and a mini train that you can pay to go on that takes you around the shopping center.


Go Bananas, Stroud

Ok so you are either one way or the other with soft play, a little like Marmite, but if you are a fan and your kids love it then it’s perfect for a rainy day, and Go Bananas in Stroud is our favorite. With a huge soft play area that has something for all ages, all of your little gang will love it. Adults are allowed onto the frame too unlike at some places, which is helpful when you have little ones that want you to come and play and they have loads of big slides, ball pools, and places to monkey around in. There are regular weekly events and offers that take place too to add an extra element of fun on a rainy day for your little ones. There is a cafe looking onto the soft play, so if your kids are a bit older you get to relax with a coffee while they play, winning! The food is pretty good with kids meals and adults alike, cakes, healthy snacks, ice cream and so on.


Cotswold Motoring Museum and Toy Collection, Bourton on the Water

Take a fascinating journey through time on a rainy day at the Motoring Museum and discover the history of 20th-century motoring. The kids will love all of the different forms of transport and will be particularly amazed at some of the old vehicles people used to drive. There is also an amazing toy collection here that showcases a great range of toys from over the years and will definitely take you back to your childhood!


Far Peak Climbing, Nortleach

Far Peak Climbing is a dedicated indoor climbing center that is wonderful for the kids on a rainy day, from three years and up. Little ones can tackle the Bouldering and Traverse area which is completely separate from the main climbing area and has tunnels and lots of fun things to keep them occupied. There are climbing pillars for all ages and for the older more adventurous children taking on the Auto Belay and Tower will be a brilliant challenge. There are instructor-led sessions throughout the week for children so certainly worth having a look on their website for more information. There is a cafe here for refreshments too.