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Here are just a few comments from some of our many satisfied customers.

C & G C, USA

Hi Chris, 

I want to thank you for a fabulous holiday. Sadly it has come to an end. What an amazing area! We will have to return again. 

With warm regards,

Tennessee State Senator, USA

“Dear Christopher,

Kay and I thank you for a wonderful experience in England. Your personal interest in our travels and research was much appreciated.

Please feel comfortable using us a reference for any future clients that might request references. I have attahed a letter to Ms. G. R recommending and complimenting your service to us.

If you ever travel to Tennessee, we would be happy to return the favor.

Best Regards,

F.H., Tennessee State Senator”

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C. H., UK

“Hi Ann and Chris,

Just had to contact you to say the holiday in the Cotswolds was fantastic. The accomodation was all very good – the Broadway Hotel and the Redesdale (Morton) were exceptional.

I was also amazed how efficient the taxis were for ourselves and the luggage. Your directions (maps etc.) were so easy to follow and we felt we could relax all the time. So, thanks so much for all the effort which must have gone into the organisation, we really appreciate it.

Kind regards”


I. A., USA

“Hi Ann / Chris,

Chris, we had a wonderful time. A few notes are attached with minor suggestions about directions. The snafu over lodging in Winchcombe was handled gracefully, and we think the Lion and Wesley House were actually a step up from the White Hart. We found excellent evening dining options along the way, and pub lunches were always available enroute.

Trust your wife and baby are doing well.

Best regards”


J.M, United Kingdom

“Hi Ann / Chris,

Just a quick note to say thanks immensely for everything. The maps, routes and information was a great help to making our visit to the Cotswolds a very enjoyable experience.

Best Regards”


Mr and Mrs K, England

“Hi Christopher,

I would just like to let you know that we had a wonderful holiday & all the hotels that we stayed in were superb! Thankyou very much for arranging it all for us as we had a fabulous holiday staying in complete luxury. We loved the Cotswolds & would love to return again before too long.

We really enjoyed our anniversary stay at The Lords of the Manor, especially the exquisite meal in the restaurant. Thankyou again for sorting out such a special treat for us!

We won’t hesitate to use your company & services again.



M.D and friends, USA

“Hi Chris & Ann,

Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time! We loved the Cotswolds and especially loved ending our visit in the fabulous “Lords of the Manor”. Thanks for all of your guidance and help in planning our trip.

Best regards”


Mr and Mrs L, USA

“We are back from our English adventure and I just wanted to tell you how wonderful our Cotswold walking experience was. Everything went very smoothly and our B&B hosts were great”


Mrs C.S, USA

“Hello Christopher,

We all want to thank you for the wonderful experience of our Cotswold walks!! The arrangements for our overnight stays were all super. We held an informal “vote” on the favorite one and found all were favorites but in various categories. No one can top Karen in Cheltenham for warmth, helpfulness and comfort. She was the perfect first hostess. Historically, staying in Wesley House was a treat. It also got top honors for serving oatmeal with Drambuie for breakfast! Hadley House offered excellent accommodations and an elegant breakfast. We were in two different B&B’s in Moreton-on-Marsh, so we couldn’t vote there but both places were very nice. But the best all-around winner has to go to Cherry Trees in Chipping Campden; outstanding comfort, great breakfast, and warm and friendly hosts. The top winner for restaurants was a Greek restaurant in Chipping Campden.

There were lively conversations on which way was the ‘right’ way on some of the walking directions, but that created a lot of fun and joking among us. The only thing we wished for was some indication of when we were at half-way or 3/4 of the distance while on each segment. Because we stopped to take pictures, admire the views or have a snack, the amount of time from when we departed from the B&B each day was of no help. So…that’s our only suggestion….just a general or approximate indication between walking segments would have been good. The maps helped, but topography sometimes affected travel times.

We have already started recommending your services to anyone who seems interested in our trip. You may have already received an inquiry. Even though we didn’t need to call you, it was a great comfort to know that you had given us your cell and we could trust you to come to our aid. You were very patient with all my questions in working out the details before the trip. I, especially, am grateful to you.

A word about the people we met, both locals and fellow travellers……Everyone was wonderful, helpful, cheerful….not a single grumpy or disinterested person. What a wonderful place the Cotswolds are!!

Our best to Ann….Our cheers and gratitude to you. We had a wonderful, wonderful time..”


Mr and Mrs S, USA

“Our cheers and gratitude to you. We had a wonderful, wonderful time…”


Mr and Mrs B, Belgium

‘”Further more I want to say that the accommodations were lovely, really well picked. So we are 100% satisfied”.


Mr and Mrs C, Canada

“I hope we have the right email address for you. We seem to have misplaced your card, but I got this address off your website so I hope it will reach (or be passed on to) you. We actually intended to let you know once we reached the Feathers that we had made it but somehow lost track of time then as well.

In any event, we wanted to follow up to say, again, how much we enjoyed our time with you–you truly made the experience outstanding! We also intend follow up with our own travel agent to suggest for anyone wanting walking/cycling tours in the UK and Europe be directed to your company directly, as I am sure there would be a significant cost savings.

Anyways, we hope all is well with you and that you are now enjoying yourself on another adventure of your own”


Mr and Mrs R, USA

“My wife and I wanted to write and tell you how much we enjoyed our 2 walking holidays in the Cotswolds and in France. We were pleased with your help regarding travel connections and all of the accommodations. We made every travel connection without any real problem. While there was some apprehension about travelling the trains in France, it all worked out well and we had no problems.

As to my personal injury with my Achilles tendon, I am pleased to report that I managed to do the walking without undue pain or discomfort. It was truly amazing to me that it held up so well when, as little as five weeks ago, I was hobbling around and seriously considering postponing the trip. However, it held up. In fact, the tendon held up better than the therapeutic walking boot did as it fell apart and had to be discarded in France. I assume that it just wasn’t designed to walk some 140 miles +/-, but I even managed well without it. We both finished the walking without any undue physical discomfort for which we are very grateful.

The walking itself was more rigorous than I expected. My wife was in better shape than I am, but it was strenuous for her also. We were not totally prepared for the terrain as their is nothing really comparable in America, or at least, California that I am aware of. The Cotswold walks were just beautiful, scenic farm lands. The French portion of the walk was different from the Cotswold, but it was also beautiful and interesting.

We were very pleased with the hotel and B&B’s provided. Each place was very good. The food was good also, although I confess that I prefer English food to French cooking. My wife and I are probably different than most people in that regard, but we were happy with the food choices. We also struggled with the language barrier in France. We were surprised that there were so few people that spoke English which is different than our past travel experiences in Continental Europe. However, this is probably due to where we were in France.

The walking routes were fine, although we had trouble following the walking instructions on occasion. We probably doubled back a few times, and got off trail occasionally. But, we eventually figured it out and got to our destinations without undue stress.

I am not sure what you could do differently with the instructions to make them any clearer. I think part of the problem is American terms are slightly different than what is used in England, and there is additional problem in that area where French must be translated into English.

Thank you for services provided. It was a pleasure to work with you”


Mr and Mrs L, Illinois, USA

“It was everything we’d dreamed of and hoped for. In honor of your hospitality and in the spirit of David Letterman’s “Top 10” list , we wanted to provide you with our official feedback from the trip.

Counting down from number 10…

10. Most favorite walking section/leg of the trip: Winchcombe to Broadway. Loved sneaky “Puck Pit” Lane to Hailes Abbey!

9. Posh-est hotel: Bath Priory (This hotel needs no explanation. Our room and view were spectacular.)

8. Most awesome bathroom: Dormy House (The warmest shower I ever took. Period!)

7. Funniest waitress/server: Either Alex at Butlers or Margaret at Dormy House.

6. Biggest kick-ass hill: the climb to Broadway Tower folly. OMG. We had to rest twice.

5. Best Pub: King’s Arms at Stowe-on-the Wold. The views at night from the fireplace and square: AMAZING! or the Fleece Inn view of Cirencester ranks up there.

4. Coolest view on the walk : Coming from Belas Knap over the hill to see Sudley Castle down in the Valley. Where were the trumpets, knights galloping, and flags waving?

3. Most British moment: Anne popping out her window from your upstairs cottage with 2 Americans too damn early on Saturday. (VERY LOCAL HERO!!).

2. Coolest museum: Cirencester Roman Museum (with Hailes Abbey a close second.)

1. The moment I took home in my heart: Prayers at the Hailes Church outside of Hailes Abbey. The veil between heaven and earth IS thin there and we said prayers for everyone.

There were so many, many more amazing moments: watching the rain come down on the Rococo gardens; more mud; friendly cats, dogs, ponies and sheep, amazingly old huge fireplaces, teatime and friendly people everywhere…the list goes on.”


Mrs G, U.K.

“Dear Christopher

We very much enjoyed our 4 days walking and were so fortunate with the weather – warm but not too hot and no rain until the very minute we arrived in Castle Combe when it thundered down!

I was going to write to you with comments but will try and do it tomorrow when I have a little more time.  The B & Bs were excellent and high standard and the notes on the whole clear and explicit; very good to have the Ordnance Survey maps alongside.  However, we did have one or too problems which you should know about for the future.  Taxi service excellent and the company was most friendly and obliging;  we begged a lift with them on the second day to shorten the walk by an hour or so (and paid them direct of course as it was a few miles out of their way).

Many thanks for organising it all for us :  we would most certainly recommend your company.”


Mrs W, U.S.A.

“We had an absolutely wonderful trip walking through the Cotswolds, June 6-16. It’s unusual to have a vacation exceed all your expectations, but this one did. Hotels and B&Bs were all just terrific. They were clean and neat and our hosts were most accommodating. The directions for our walking, for the most part we’re pretty clear. We only made a couple of very minor wrong turns, but nothing significant.Our luggage was transported every time, right on time. I would highly recommend your company to anyone. Thank you!”



‘Hello, thank you for emailing the detailed itinerary.  We had a wonderful ride!  We are back in Moreton-in-Marsh now.  Lovely trip!’ 



‘Hello! My mother and I have just finished up our 8 day Cotswolds walk and had a great time. It was everything we expected and more, the weather was excellent, the people friendly and the livestock even friendlier 🙂 Sunday dinner at the Hollow Bottom pub was excellent and memorable, the scenery was wonderful, and we’re now tired and a little achy but very happy with our experience’ 

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