Cheese Making Is Alive and Well In The Cotswolds

by | Jan 3, 2024 | Blog

The Cotswolds is a haven for luxury, home-made food that is celebrated by locals alongside tourists during events and holidays. The history and character of the Cotswolds are also appreciated by the traditional, local produce in pubs and restaurants, with cheese being one of the most popular products to come from the area.

The process of cheese making in the Cotswolds is handled with care and precision to ensure that the end product embodies a unique flavour and luxurious texture. To create exquisite cheese, the cheese makers must start by sourcing high-quality milk, which is measured and tested for purity before the process begins. Once this is done the milk is pasteurised and goes through a process to remove its liquid (whey). Depending on how firm the cheese is supposed to be, the curd will be cooked between low and high temperatures.

Artisan cheese can be found dotted all over the Cotswolds and businesses are often family-owned or relatively small, meaning extra attention to detail and passion is poured into the cheese-making process.


House of Cheese:

This award-winning family business has been running since 1982 and produces cheese of all characters. Their shop in Tetbury features cheddar cheese, blue cheese, soft cheese and smoked cheese alongside other varieties. Their speciality includes party and wedding cheese cakes which can be delivered to you, alongside every other cheese that features on their website.


Godsells Cheese:

Godsells Cheese is owned by Liz Godsell and her husband Bryan and they are the makers of some of the finest Gloucester cheese in the Cotswolds, featuring both single and double Gloucester cheese. If you enjoy a Mediterranean twist, then give the Cockadilli Chilli a go – specifically for those who can handle the spice!

Cerney Cheese:

Cerney Cheese has been creating award-winning goat’s cheese since 1983 with products stocked in several quality delicatessens in the UK. Some of their prized cheeses have won gold, silver and bronze awards throughout the years. This includes Cerney Pyramid cheese which is coated with an oak ash/sea salt mix and Cerney Pepper, a delicate, soft cheese rolled in peppercorn which provides a perfectly balanced flavour.


Simon Weaver:

The Weaver family have been farming since 1570, but for the past three generations, they have invested their time and passion into cheese-making in the Cotswolds. All their produce stems from organic ingredients that only take five minutes to get from the milking shed to the Creamery. They don’t believe in preservatives or artificial ingredients which means each piece of cheese is unique in taste and texture. They specialise in a range of buttery brie so if you enjoy the subtle and creamy nature of this cheese, and happen to be in the Gloucestershire area, don’t forget to say hi!