Reasons To Visit The Cotswolds

by | Oct 30, 2023 | Blog

The Cotswolds sit nicely in the middle of the country so are easily accessible from most parts of the UK and have relatively close international airports in Bristol, Birmingham, and East Midlands. The natural beauty of the UK is showcased so well in the Cotswolds with the open, green rolling hills and fields, wild forests and so many beautiful gardens to be visited. The area is rich in history and has quaint chocolate box towns and villages dotted all around. Its a great spot to come for some fresh country air and some rest and relaxation.

Aerial View of The Cotswold Countryside, With Green Grass and Trees

1. The Countryside

The Cotswolds are made up of rolling hills and fields, beautiful parkland with abundant wildlife and forests with floors of bluebells in the spring. Head this way and you will really get your countryside fix. Breathe in the fresh air and take in the un-spoilt views.

2. The History

The Cotswolds are steeped in history, from beautiful old fashined villages and towns to dramatic and breathtaking castles, each with its own story of kings and queens, gruesome tales and many, many stories to learn about when you visit.

Old Castle With Clouds In The Background
Baby Duck And Rabbit in Grass with A Flower

3. The Spring Animals

To get a real slice of spring head to one of the many farms or farm parks that keep and rear animals and get your fill of cuddles with chicks and ducklings, lamb feeding and cute baby bunny strokes. Many of the farm parks have a petting zone where you can get up close and personal with the animals.

4.  The Hill Views

Burn some calories, up your fitness level and soak up the views on one of the many hill walks to be done in the Costwolds. You’ll be treated to unspoilt views across the beautiful countryside and will find a real sense of calmness. Its just great to be able to take some time out, get active and enjoy the hill views.

Aerial Shots Of The Cotswolds With Clouds In The Sky And Green Farms
A Pub with Chairs, Lights and Fires

5. The Pubs

Aahh..the pubs! The Cotswolds definitely boast some of the best traditional English pubs in the country. With log fires, huge armchairs, beautiful decor, and the best wines, beer, and craft beers on offer, plus beautiful food cooked by award winning chefs, there isn’t a better way to while away an afternoon. If the sun comes out you can even hit one of the many beer gardens and soak up some rays.

6. The Festivals

With so much gorgeous outside space the Cotswolds hosts some amazing festivals so time your trip right and combine your stay with a little partying too. From big known events to tiny boutique yoga festivals you’ll definitely find something that you’ll love. If you don’t fancy camping you could head for the Cheltenham Jazz Festival or one of the festivals that sell day tickets and party for the day with home comforts to go back to.


People At A Festival With Picnic Spots Set Up And A Stage In The Background

7. The Walking

If you enjoy getting outdoors and walking then you’ll be in your element in the Cotswolds, with walking trails everywhere you look you can take your pick from hill walks as discussed above, forest walks, rivers walks, pubs walks and so many more. Grab a guidebook, download an app, or just head out of the door and walk with no plan in mind.


8. The Peace and Quiet

We all need some head space at times and pick the right spot in the Costwolds and you’ll find some true peace and quiet; minimal traffic noise, only a handful of people around, just the sounds and smells of the countryside. Taking time out to listen to the bird song, look at the stars at night, and just get some peace and quiet away from the daily hectic times that life throws at us can really bring inner calm.