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From leisurely paced walks through the countryside, to more challenging hikes, our Cotswold guided walking tours feature the perfect blend of both cultural and natural treasures to ensure your walking holiday in the Cotswolds is unique and unforgettable.

Our guided walking tours are ideal for travellers who prefer the camaraderie of like-minded walkers from around the world, and those who appreciate the local knowledge shared by our highly experienced local guides. Whether you’re a history buff, looking to learn more about the arts and crafts movement or wondering where the best pubs are to be found – a guided walking tour might be just the ticket for you!

Guided walking tours are perfect for solo travellers, as they’re led by expert guides who work tirelessly to make sure everything runs smoothly for them. Solo travellers can enjoy the thrill of travelling alone, whilst also knowing that many other types of travellers, including families, couples and fellow solo adventurers, will be joining them on their journey. Single travellers are sure to meet interesting people and strike up friendships. We encourage a sociable pace, allowing you to easily connect with others. Many long-term friendships have formed on our guided walking tours!

Garden With A Pathway and statues

Guided Cotswolds Walking Tour

A 5-night guided group walking tour with a personalised experience

Self-guided walk

5 Nights

From £1275

Cotswold Guided Walks

A huge benefit of guided walking tours is the insider knowledge, which the guide possesses. They know how to hit all the highlights, and have all the hidden gems up their sleeves. Our guides are brimming with stories and interesting historical tidbits about the area and its landmarks, which are sure to make your trip come alive. In-depth, insider knowledge isn’t something you can find in a guide book. Instead, we offer the personal touch to ensure your experience of the Cotswolds is as unique as the place itself.

If it’s your first time abroad, don’t worry! Our guided walking tours are designed to make sure your holiday runs smoothly from start to finish. The passion and expertise of our guides brings to life the history and unique beauty of the Cotswolds. So all you have to do is pack your boots!

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