10 Interesting Facts About Walking That You May Not Know

Walking is a past-time carried out by all manor of people from all over the world, meaning that although we all have in common the love to get out and about for a hike, we all have very different experiences when we are out walking. Different terrains, different wildlife, different climates and many other factors make our walking trips entirely unique to us.

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The Most Beautiful River Walks In The Cotswolds

It might be a little chilly and blustery out there but there is no better time to wrap up warm and get outside for a good walk.

January’s a funny old month with the post-christmas lull, people dieting off their gained calories and many of us undertaking dry January. It can make for a quiet few weeks that are less sociable than others, which is why walking is such a good past time this month. Its free, its a great form of exercise and it really blows those cobwebs out of your mind too.

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