The South Cotswold Ring: Top Ten Moments

The couple below did a tailor-made walk that was a combination of the Cotswold Ring and the South Cotswold Ring. We wanted to share their top ten moments with you. South Cotswold Ring

'It was everything we'd dreamed of and hoped for. In honor of your hospitality and in the spirit of David Letterman's "Top 10" list, we wanted to provide you with our official feedback from the trip.'

Counting down from number 10...

10. Most favorite walking section/leg of the trip: Winchcombe to Broadway. Loved sneaky "Puck Pit" Lane to Hailes Abbey! 9. Most picturesque village: Chipping Campden (This is where I'd live if I could...) 8. Poshest hotel: Bath Priory (This hotel needs no explanation. Our room and view were spectacular.) 7. Most awesome bathroom: Dormy House (The warmest shower I ever took. Period!) 6. Funniest waitress/server: Either Alex at Butlers or Margaret at Dormy House. 5 Biggest kick-ass hill: The climb to Broadway Tower folly. OMG. We had to rest twice. 4. Best Pub: King's Arms at Stowe-on-the Wold. The views at night from the fireplace and square: AMAZING! or the Fleece Inn view of Cirencester ranks up there. 3. Coolest view on the walk : Coming from Belas Knap over the hill to see Sudley Castle down in the Valley. Where were the trumpets, knights galloping, and flags waving? 2. Most British moment: Anne popping out her window from your upstairs cottage with 2 Americans too damn early on Saturday. (VERY LOCAL HERO!!). 1. Coolest museum: Cirencester Roman Museum (with Hailes Abbey a close second.)

The moment I took home in my heart: Prayers at the Hailes Church outside of Hailes Abbey. The veil between heaven and earth IS thin there and we said prayers for everyone.

'There were so many, many more amazing moments: watching the rain come down on the Rococo gardens; more mud; friendly cats, dogs, ponies and sheep; amazingly old huge fireplaces; teatime; friendly people everywhere... the list goes on.'

Mr. and Mrs. L, Illinois, USA

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