Excellent Cotswold Businesses - Ride a Cots(wold) Horse


CharlotteThe Cotswold region is ideal for horse riding. Criss-crossed with a network of bridle paths and quiet roads, much of it is accessible on horseback; and since in the region there is a long tradition of horse breeding and horsemanship in general, excellent riding schools and stables and possibilities for tuition of all kinds abound for novices and experienced riders alike. A love of horses has, for example, inspired a young Painswick girl to run her own business. Charlotte Wadley is only 24 but has many years experience riding and handling horses and has participated in a significant number of dressage and show jumping competitions. She attended university to take a degree in International Relations and History, but in the end her infatuation with horses led her to make a career with them. Since she derives most enjoyment from cross-country jumping, her passion is for eventing. She owns three horses: Ash, Teddy and Frilly. An opportunity arose to begin training her current competition horse, Teddy, and after devoting a lot of time and patience to his training, the result is an array of  rosettes. Charlotte has high hopes for an eventing career with him, whilst in Frilly, a five year old thoroughbred that is the newest addition to her stable, she expects to see another successful competitive future.

Of course, Charlotte loves working with her own horses but she has a living to make and so she offers a wide variety of services to other owners, especially in assisting them to form a bond with their young horses. She is proficient in schooling these young horses, breaking them in where necessary and in assessing their abilities using flatwork, jumping and hacking. As a result she has a wide experience that includes the re-schooling of racehorses and in the rehabilitation of horses after injury or after a period of time off. Other aspects of Charlotte's work include giving riding lessons to children and adults, whether  beginners; those needing guidance whilst getting used to a new horse; to experienced riders wanting help in preparing their horses for competition. And she provides a full livery service. This is a person who relishes a challenge, and who loves what she does.

Based at a beautiful, well-equipped yard (http://www.charlotte-wadley-equestrian.co.uk/) on the outskirts of Painswick  – incidentally one of the loveliest villages in the Cotswolds – Charlotte is typical of the enthusiastic approach that helps not merely to maintain but to bring bring youthful vibrancy to the interests and traditions of the Cotswolds. There are few places in the country, perhaps in Europe, where there is so much experience in all fields of horsemanship, whether trials and eventing in Badminton and Gatcombe, racing at Cheltenham, horse-polo at Cirencester and breeding horses of all kinds throughout the Cotswolds. Not to mention a general attachment to every aspect of horsemanship. In fact, wherever you go in the region, hoofprints have left their mark.

If as part of your holiday in the Cotswolds you would like riding lessons, or a visit to a stables, please contact Cotswold Journeys at info@cotswoldjourneys.com