Cleeve Hill Diary


  Here is the first of an occasional blog about Cleeve Hill. Cleeve, at 1086 feet, is the highest point of the Cotswolds and one of the highest of the south of England. It is unusual in that it is very flat at the top – like a plateau – and covers a wide area, separating Cheltenham from Winchcombe. From the top there are magnificent views to all point of the compass – here, this cold but brilliant winter day, we are looking westwards towards the Malvern Hills and the distant Black Mountains in Wales. In the mid-distance you can see very distinctly the imposing shape of Tewkesbury Abbey church, with its Norman tower that is one of the highest in Europe. If you do one of our walks that include Winchcombe, then you will see Cleeve Hill from the village; if you start from Cheltenham, then you will cross Cleeve Hill to get to Winchcombe. Email us on

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