Beautiful Spring Blossom and the Best Places to See it in the Cotswolds


There is nothing that quite signals spring like seeing the trees filled with breathtakingly beautiful spring blossom. Starting to unfold in late February blackthorn flowers break the long baron winter with March bringing the delicate white flowers of pear, plum and damson trees. April and May see blooms of pink flowers from the cherry trees and the creamy white of the Hawthorn tree. Here in the Cotswolds we are lucky enough to have an abundance of spring blossom filled trees each year.  Here are our favourite places to see blossom in full bloom.


Evesham Blossom Trail

One of the best places to see the spring blossom is on the Evesham blossom trail which is a 40 mile route weaving its way through the Vale of Evesham.

With some of the most productive horticultural land in the UK, during mid March and mid May you can expect to see pink and white blossom filling the trees alongside the roads. Walk or drive this route, but take care not to get distracted if you do drive, the blossom displays here really turns heads.

If you’ve the time to take a walk through the spring blossom trees you are guaranteed to leave smiling and with a little ‘spring’ in your step.


Three Groves Wood

Three Groves Wood is a large area of woodland on the north side of the Frome Valley and is part of the Golden Valley Wildlife Way.

The woods are dominated by beech trees however during the months of April and May the woodland floor becomes covers with beautiful cowslips that brighten up the beautiful, atmospheric woods as glimpses of sunlight flit in through tree branches.

The Cowslip is a cousin of the Primrose and is an early spring flower often associated with May Day, they are often strewn across many a church path for a wedding.

Unfortunately the site of a floor covered in beautiful cowslip is more rare now than ever before as vast amounts are being lost to advances in agriculture, which is why the beautiful cowslips at Three Groves Wood are really lovely to see.


Gwen & Vera’s fields

This particularly lovely nature reserve located about two miles north of Newent in the Greenaway’s Wood is home to the ‘golden triangle’ - one of the few wild daffodil meadows left in the area.

Daffodils have always symbolised the start of spring and as such a field bursting with these yellow beauties is such a happy sight.

Along the woodland boundaries at Gwen and Vera’s fields you may also see birds like the nuthatch, chiffchaff, blackcap and the jay and there are some lovely old orchid trees dotted about in the fields.

If you fancy taking a walk to see more of these daffodils then Gwen & Vera’s fields are also part of a bigger walk called the Wild Daffodil Trail which incorporates a number of nature reserves and walks from 2 to 8 miles can be found.

Having declined during the 19th century, wild daffodils have suffered habitat loss and fields brimming with their bright yellow trumpets are seen less and less.


Lydney Park

There is loads to see at Lydney Park Estate and Garden in the Forest of Dean district in Gloucestershire, set into 8 acres of woodland gardens you’ll feel a real tranquility as you walk around these gardens, they are filled with so much natural beauty.

Aside from strolling the woodland gardens you can picnic in the deer park (if the weather allows!), explore the Roman ruins and visit the Museum.

All of that said though, one of our favourite things to see at Lydney Park are the Magnolias from March through to May.

These stunning goblet or star shaped flowers are an icon of the UK spring time and are just beautiful.

Magnolias thrive in fertile, moist garden soil that is not dry and alkaline, which is what makes Lydney Park such a perfect place to spot these gorgeous spring flowers.

Flowering cherries, magnolias and drifts of spring bulbs grow at the entrance to the gardens and make a breathtaking welcome as you arrive.


There is nothing quite like the sights, smells and sounds of spring breaking through our long UK winters. Birds singing, flowers blossoming, sun on our skin and more and more people getting outdoors. So however grey and dreary some days might be, when the clouds part get outside and enjoy the spring blossom.