At The End Of The Day


Cotswold JourneysWhen it comes to finding somewhere to sleep at the end of a day's wandering, we usually think either Bed & Breakfast or Hotel. In the Cotswolds there is an abundance of both and, generally speaking, the standard of both is high. I would say, however, that the pricing and value for money is variable – some bed and breakfasts are almost as expensive as hotels but without the facilities and, sometimes, the charm. B & Bs have become businesses. Hotels have, on the whole, reduced their prices in the teeth of the recession – very wisely, because some of the prices a few years ago were verging on the preposterous. Between the two there is something else. These are certainly not hotels, but nor are they exactly B & Bs. They are, for example, something akin to miniature country houses, when 'country house' in this context suggests 'stately home', a necessarily vague term but which covers the general meaning. In other words, handsome houses, large but not palatial, not mansions: beautifully furnished but comfortable and welcoming. A former dower house, perhaps, or farmhouse, large enough for guests to have their own luxurious quarters and yet be part of what is a family household, where informality meets elegance. Nor are they confined to the countryside – accommodation of similar type and standard exists, too, in, or close by, some of the Cotswold villages and towns.

There are quite a few of these places around and the beauty of them is that they are not notably more expensive than standard B & Bs and a great deal cheaper than many of the luxury hotels in the region. They are harder to find - part of their charm is a sort of discretion, which gives them an air of exclusivity in its best sense. One of our aims at Cotswold Journeys is to search them out and recommend them to our customers.

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