A Practical Guide to Packing a Picnic



‘Tis the season for picnics! Whether you are with friends of family, spending the day on a soft bed of grass in the sunshine always makes for a relaxing and fun day out. Before you embark on a picnic trip however, it’s useful to plan ahead in terms of food and items so you can make your experience as comfortable as possible.


A blanket is essential for preparing a comfortable area and also reducing the risk of mud and dirt getting on your clothes when you least expect it.

Cooler bags are also important in the heat as certain foods can easily spoil in sunlight - nobody likes sweaty cheese sandwiches or melted chocolate!

Recyclable plates and cups are an eco friendly way of making sure each guest stays hydrated, while plates are great for distributing nibbles. Depending on the nature of the food, cutlery is also worth bringing along so things don’t get messy.

Wet wipes are a convenient way to eliminate sticky fingers at the end of your picnic. Regular paper towels will also be useful for any spillages, alongside a rubbish bag to dispose of all leftovers.

Sun lotion is crucial if you are sitting out in direct sunlight, especially if you are with children. Remember to stay topped up if shade is not easily accessible. Hats are another way to protect yourself from excess exposure to harmful rays.

Plenty of water is a must for a picnic, or if you are bringing along some alcohol, a bottle opener will prove handy.

Food Suggestions:

Nibbles: Plenty of tupperware will ensure you are best prepared for your picnic. Nibbles can include crackers and dip, crisps and dip or hummus and vegetables, such as celery and carrot for a healthy spin. If you feel like going slightly more exotic, why not bring some antipasti and tapas which can include bread, cold meats, olives, peppers and sun dried tomatoes.

Mains: Sandwiches with peanut butter and jam or cheese baguettes are easy options for your children, as well as cold quiches that don’t require heating. If you want to add a salad on the side, prepare one in a container and bring some dressing which you can add just before serving to prevent a soggy scenario. Tuna and boiled eggs can spruce up your salad while a couscous dish is another lighter alternative to bread and pastry. If you are a fan of fish, sushi is also perfect, just don’t forget the soy sauce!

Treats: Seeking something sweet after all that savoury? Then cupcakes and cookies might be more convenient than chocolate as they are more resilient in the heat. Home-made tarts and brownies are also delicious options, or try a refreshing fruit salad for a healthier finish.

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