8 Great Reasons To Embrace The April Showers

Here in the Cotswolds we were spoilt with a beautiful Easter break of glorious warm sunshine, but in true April style the blue skies are long gone and we are back to rainy, windy April showers!

Rather than feel glum and frustrated though, lets focus on the benefits of the rain and what they are doing to help us.

1.Rain keeps our countryside green and beautiful


We love to take walks in our beautiful surrounding countryside but without the rain we wouldn’t see the greenery that we see each day, the plants and trees wouldn’t thrive and the landscape that makes the Cotswolds so very beautiful would look very different.

2.Rain is good for us

happy rain.jpg

Rain is packed full of negative ions and even though their negative name can be misleading, they are actually very good for us. They help refresh the air, and help to reduce asthma and chronic fatigue, so stop cursing the rain and go take a walk in it!

3.Certain animals only come out in the rain

snail in the rain.jpg

From snails and insects to frogs, some animals adore the rain and are very hard to come across unless its pouring so get out and about in your waterproofs and keep those eyes peeled.



Who doesn’t love a rainbow? If it didn’t rain we wouldn’t get to see this natural phenomenon that we all love.

5.Kids love rain

kids rin.jpg

Ok, so they might moan a little bit at first, but once you’ve got your kids in their waterproofs and wellies and persuaded them out of the house they will just love jumping in puddles to their hearts galore with no concern at all about getting wet.

6.Fresh produce


Because of our soggy climate we are able to grow an abundance of fruit and vegetables locally which means in turn we can choose from some of the freshest produce on the market that hasn’t spent weeks being shipped from far off shore.

7.We have water in abundace. 


Becasue it does rain a lot in our country we are lucky enough to use water abundantely, we have water to drink, bath in, wash our clothes in, fill up paddling pools with and so on. There have been summers where hose-pipe bans have come into play because the rain has been minimal and we get an insight into what its like to have to ration our water usage.

8.Aquatic organisms

fresh water trout.jpg

Aquatic organisms that live in fresh water like trout and catfish in streams or aquatic plants in ponds, depend on precipitation. Without it, there would be nothing to refill the bodies of water they inhabit and they wouldn’t survive.

Katharine Mabbett