10 Reasons to Visit the Cotswolds


If you’re planning a UK break this year then you should definitely think about a visit to the Cotswolds. Centrally located in the Midlands, it is easy to get to from most parts of the UK, its big enough to have lots of choice of where to stay and what to visit, and its simply a lovely part of the country. Check out our ten reasons for paying a visit to the Cotswolds.


1.It’s just so pretty

Whether you’re paying a visit to the Cotswolds from the hustle and bustle of a busy city, or are coming from other rural locations, you won’t fail to find the Cotswolds incredibly pretty. The Cotswolds epitomise the picturesque and quaint England that the rest of the world imagine us to live in. The beautiful stone cottage villages set into rolling hills will be a delight for any budding photographers and a real feast for the eyes for anyone who visits.


2.The Walks are Stunning

With nearly 800 square miles spread across five counties, there is a lot of countryside here in the Cotswold to discover and seeing it all on foot is a favourite past time of locals and those who visit the Cotswolds alike. There are many well signposted walks with great paths, for all abilities. You can walk through dark, mysterious woodland, hike up hills and take in the amazing views, or meander alongside gorgeous rivers and streams.


3.Cheese is a big deal

If you’ve not heard of cheese rolling then you must have been hiding under a stone, and the great cheese roll happens right here in the Cotswolds. Each year many people flock to Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire to see some cheese crazy people fling themselves down the hill after a big ball of cheese. The prize being the cheese of course! This event has become quite a spectacle and not only do you get to enjoy the big race you can also soak up the beautiful Cotswold surroundings.


4.Amazing local chefs

The Cotswolds are home to many beautiful restaurants, some of which are Michelin starred and there are a whole host of amazing local chefs, so if you’re a foodie, then make sure you aren’t on a diet when you visit the Cotswolds!

Some of our highlights include The Wild Rabbit in Kingham, The Porch House in Stow on the Wold, The Lamb in Burford, and The Ivy Brasserie that has just opened up in Cheltenham.


5.The beautiful hotels

Alongside the amazing restaurants are some beautiful hotels. You will be spoilt for choice when you visit the Cotswolds, from grand castles to stunning and modern boutique hotels and everything in between. The Cotswolds is also to home to Soho Farmhouse if you want a little slice of London in the countryside.


6.It is great for biking

The plentiful countryside in the Cotswolds makes it a great place for biking, there are bridleways and country lanes galore to power down, or take a relaxed cycle and enjoy the sounds and smells of nature.

There are cycle routes a plenty and you can download suggested routes and follow signposts.


7.The peace and quiet

The thing that will hit you when you visit the Cotswolds is the absolute peace and quiet. Of course there are towns and cities nearby but when you are in the countryside or even in the beautiful villages you’ll experience a real sense of calm and tranquility. Church bells ring out from old, pretty churches and you can hear the birdsong since the traffic isn’t hectic and deafening.

If you manage to get out for a walk you can really get away from it all and immerse yourself in nature, perhaps without even seeing another person if you get lucky.



Because of the lack of light pollution in the Cotswolds the sky really comes to life at nighttime, so although it may be tempting to huddle up in front of your open fire, make sure to get out at least once in the evening and do some stargazing. In many parts there are amazingly clear views of the sky, you’ll be blown away at how much you can see. Make sure to pick a clear night though or the beautiful sky will of course be hidden by clouds.


9.The towns and cities close by

Even though you’ll feel a world away from the madness of city life if you visit the Cotswolds, it is very easy to get into some fabulous towns and cities very quickly if you fancy a shopping trip or a night out somewhere bustling. We would totally understand if you actually just wanted to hide away in the peace and quiet of the Cotswolds, but there are some places not to be missed. Cheltenham is a fabulous town to visit, and the city of Bath is gorgeous too. Both have great shopping, amazing bars, restaurants and hotels. Bath has some great attractions to see as well.


10.The pubs!

You can’t visit the Cotswolds and not appreciate the cosy, traditional English pubs in this area. Think open fires, big armchairs, beer gardens with beautiful views, great food and booze a plenty! There are pubs all over the Cotswolds and many people love to take a good walk and then end up in a pub for lunch and a pint. You’ll be hard pushed to find so many gorgeous pubs than the Cotswolds has to offer, just another reason to pay us a visit in 2018!